I am a Type-A, driven, never slowing down kinda woman, who loves to live life fully.  I have beaten myself into exhaustion crawling up the Corporate ladder, climbed to Machu Pichu to find myself, changed careers to seek balance, and yo-yo’d on every diet yet I kept seeking answers outside of me.  Now I live a vibrant, healthy, happy life!

I support stressed out, hard working folks who are tired of the extra pounds, sleepy all the time and can’t stop craving sugar.  Are you nodding your head yes?  I can help you create positive changes in your diet and life.   We all have the opportunity to choose a happy, balanced life.   ..


2015 Events at Peaceful Balance
January 18th -RESTORE YOUR BALANCE & HARMONY – an overview of Ayruveda with Loribeth Cohen   learn more 

January 11 & 12th – FEEL VIBRANT WORKSHOP – A 10 day plan to feeling great! 2 locations for the kick off meetings!  learn more.

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What People are saying about Cara:
I have been practicing for over 20 years it is a rare treasure to find a teacher like Cara. Cara brings depth and understanding of the body and spirit to her yoga teaching. She is mindful of her students alignment and brings high intentions to the practice. I have participated in her retreats delightful! Tara Riley
Thank you for being you and the way you help us both in yoga and metal attitudes. You have spoken a lot about how to learn to love the person who creates the greatest anxiety when you deal with him.For me that person is my dad, who for many reasons made me very upset when he called or emailed due to past garbage. Your teachings have helped me approach interactions with him in a different way because I control how I let others make me feel.  Now I read his emails, send a reply and feel ok about it.  He is a music fan and last night I called him to let him know about the last opera for the season and invited him for dinner this Friday.  You have given me my father back through you’re the words you speak and the actions you take with others. name withheld
A truly remarkable healer, Cara Zaruba Butler exudes wellness and joy, peace and optimism.  Cara’s healing hands bring me relief from painful muscle tension and release a positive energy I sometimes forget I have.  A massage with Cara fills me with instant sunshine and brings me to a state of well-being.  She is extremely knowledgeable about all areas of wellness and the healing of mind, body, and spirit.  My favorite present to myself is a deep tissue massage with this gifted healer and amazing woman.  Lynn F.