My passion is to help frenzied Type-A folks successfully achieve sustainable healthy living. I climbed the corporate ladder at Abbott Laboratories by working long hours and putting my wellness on a back burner. My body was exhausted and my meals were always rushed. I knew I had to change my life after two near death experiences due to stress. I turned my passion of yoga into my career, attended massage school and opened Peaceful Balance Wellness & Yoga in 2004. I still worked long hours and struggled with feeling tired and bloated. I have been on every diet only to gain the weight back again! Finally, I admitted to myself that I had to change. I shifted my overly planned life and frenetic eating to a lifestyle of making MY wellness a priority. I started to really listen to what my body was telling me it needed to feel great everyday. To make sense of the conflicting nutritional information I became a Certified Holistic Health Coach. Now live a vibrant, balanced, and healthy life absent of toxic food, relationships and emotions. I developed FEEL VIBRANT to teach and mentor healthy lifestyle habits and balanced living. I am a Certificated Health Coach from Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York, a Licensed Massage Therapist and a Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher.


I have  been practicing yoga since 1993 and teaching since 2000. I studied and worked very hard over 7 years to obtain the prestigious Certification of Anusara Yoga Instructor.  Anusara is a heart based  Hatha alignment style of yoga, the philosophy is to align with our true selves and to experience life fully.  I am  well versed in alignment, anatomy and therapeutics to help heal and maintain a healthy body.  My students describe me as having an “Eagle Eye” seeing the details in their poses to help them stay aligned and be safe.  I weave an emotional component into classes leaving you feeling happier and living the “mat lessons” in your every day life.

I have a thirst for knowledge and the desire to live the healthiest life possible.  For three years, I studied with Susan Lipschutz and Tom Voitas learning Native American medicine wheel and traditions, Shamanism, and traveled to Peru to study with local medicine men.  I attended Pacific College of Oriental Medicine for year to study Chinese Medicine and Tua Na Massage. Additionally, I am trained in Thai Massage, Reiki, & Cranial Sacral.   I have studied Hatha, Ashtanga, and Anusara yoga  and have had the honor of studying  legend Pattabhi Jois.  

I deeply believe in empowering women of all ages and cultures. In 2000 I spent three months in Peru with a micro-ecomonic weaving co-op, where women grew their trade and livelihoods.  In 2001 I co-created “SHINE OUT” a tween art & yoga program to empower girls to connect to their inner wisdom.   I remain committed to building  community by offering Goddess Circles, Goddess Retreats, and workshops to create healthy habits (such as getting rid of sugar, reducing hot flashes, &  loosing those few stubborn pounds).

I offer deep tissue massage therapy, Reiki, Cranial sacral, and incorporate Thai massage into healing sessions.

My passion is to support and mentor others to “tune in”- to hear your inner wisdom, listen to your body, and to believe  that you  can create all that you desire. 


Peaceful Balance Wellness is located in Northfield, IL.