Mind & Body Spring Cleanse

Spring cleaning your house, closets, yard – what about your body & mind?!

Clean eating is only one piece of being healthy. Every day we are exposed to hidden (and not so hidden) chemicals & toxins. Your body needs a break to heal, to slow down and your mind to calm.

Community builds support, helps create strategies and celebrates successes. Rhonda & Cara will meet YOU were you are at and tailor the program to meet your needs. Weekly meetings include group coaching, education, strategies, and meditation.

Holistic Health Coaches, Cara Zaruba Butler & Rhonda Holcomb, are excited to offer a community based two week cleanse to heal your body & mind.



May 12 10:00am-11:30am
May 19 10:00am-11:00am
May 26 10:00am-11:00am


Three group coaching meetings
Food lists, recipes, menus
Metagenics Clear Change Kit

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www.rhondanutrition.com or rhondaholcomb@mac.com


 Cara Zaruba Butler & Rhonda Holcomb are passionate to help people find ways to enjoy healthier foods and make mindful positive life changes.  Cara & Rhonda are Certified Holistic Health Coaches Cara is a  Certified Yoga, Meditation, & Massage Therapist and owner of Peaceful Balance.  Rhonda has a busy health coaching practice,  both privately and in association with Dr Van Heule, a holistic doctor in Wilmette.









Master Minding melding with meditation and healthy living. Life is busy – really busy – we eat driving in our car, never schedule cooking and grocery shopping, yet somehow we get it all done.  Our minds follow habit but our body will tell us the truth. The problem is we are too busy to just listen.  In nourish we will begin the tradition of meditation. You will be introduced to several different styles to find one you will like, you will create a goal – whether it is healthier eating, a business goal or lifestyle shift.  
A group of six women joining together for a journey transformation by slowing down, identifying a goal/intention, listening and helping each other. We will  nourish our body, mind and relationships to self, others & our relationship with habits to create a conscious shift to wellness.  If it is weight, focus, habit of nightly glass of wine, not knowing what is next in your life now that your home is empty – we need to clear and balance ourselves  first then the rest falls into to place.    Nourish YOU!

New session starting in September 2016 2nd   

Come with your goals and intentions!