A one time meeting to make your well-being a priority
1.5 hour consultation to identify health goals
customized 3 step action plan towards attaining goals
monthly newsletter

For those who realize it is not about quick fixes or fad diets and would like guidance, personalized attention, hand holding and accountability to create changes
•6 individual one hour strategic
health planning sessions
(within 3 months)
recipes, resources and helpful tips
e-mail support between sessions
monthly newsletter

Ideal for those wanting to assure changes to maintain a long term healthy lifestyle
•10 individual one hour strategic health planning sessions (within 6 months)
recipes, resources and helpful tips
e-mail support between sessions
monthly newsletter
choose from one of the additional add-ons listed below

Optional Add-Ons

Let’s have fun together in the kitchen where I will share my love of food, healthy cooking, juicing and blending. Nothing fancy or gourmet but easy, yummy and real food. Use this opportunity to explore new foods you have been afraid to try or vegan, vegetarian and gluten free recipes.

A well organized and well stocked kitchen/ pantry are essential for simple and healthy cooking. Together we will sort through appliances, gadgets and food product eliminating any unnecessary items. The end result will be a clean and efficient working space that you will want to spend more time in.

For those who dread food shopping and are overwhelmed by the abundant choices found in grocery stores. Learn how to be prepared and make your trips easy and efficient by understanding food placement and reading labels.

A simple personalized yoga routine based on your unique body and needs.

NOURISH –  Eight women joining together for a journey transformation of slowing down and accomplishing their goals.  Focusing on mediation and creating positive change in our lives, whether achieving career goal, finding more time for self, or loosing weight. Meets one time a month for one year this commitment to yourself will transform your life.  
Nourish our body, mind and relationships to self & others. 


I have been on every diet only to gain the weight (and more) back again. I became so confused by the conflicting messages about food and what to eat that I decided to pursue further education in health. I have studied over 100 dietary theories and I am dedicated to work with you to find out what is best for you. I personally have reduced my sugar cravings, eat healthier as a family, and have significantly reduced my hot flashes (yippee, a sound nights sleep).

As a Holistic Health Coach I will provide ongoing support and direction as we set goals and make sustainable changes that improve your health and happiness.
I offer a SIX WEEK program were you will:
create & exceed goals
learn eating strategies to achieve and maintain your ideal weight
understand and reduce your cravings
get a better nights sleep
feel comfortable and confident in your body
discover healthy ways to eat
develop skills to help you slow down to hear your inner voice
Contact me for your initial free consultation.